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Labour Related Services

Payroll Administration

payroll administrator

Due to an increased demand for outsourcing of labour and payroll administration, IPS has expanded their business to all major cities, including, Johannesburg, Durban, Richards Bay, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Our main aim is to promote growth in individuals and organizations through Education, Training and Development. IPS delivers Quality Service to Clients in a Professional manner by supplying the market, Local and International, with Contracting Staff, Ad hoc Personnel, and Flexi Employees & Permanent Personnel. We have recently opened a Security Company; we supply security guards to assist in guarding your property and assets.

IPS enable our Clients to concentrate on their core business and growth of their business whilst we take care of and deal with Unreasonable Unions, Strikes, Unfair Dismissals, Wage Negotiations and Disciplinary Actions.

Through Service Excellence we assist with Payroll Administration, Industrial Relations, Talent Acquisition, Contract Labour and Shutdowns.

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Talent Acquisition

talent acquisition

Our main objective is to source the most suitable candidate for our clients and it is of utmost importance to receive a comprehensive job description from our client to enable our Recruitment staff to ensure that we source the most suitable candidate.

IPS provides a professional talent acquisition service to our clients by ensuring the most suitable candidate is sourced, either from our data base, advertising or head hunting. We do reference checks on short listed candidates and where necessary, we do verification of qualifications.

IPS’s permanent recruitment solutions fully support the preferred employer, with sound talent attraction and retention strategies of its clients to ensure a positive return on a company’s Human Resources investment. IPS’s national branch infrastructure is supported by screened candidates across most industry categories - from entry level to senior managers and executives.

IPS will charge a very competitive placement fee, based on the annual salary package of the successful candidate.

IPS is a competent provider of scarce skilled talent. IPS has developed methods to source professional candidates for our clients from our well established database and networks locally and nationally.

We service clients in the following categories of employment, but not limited to:

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In the Construction Field we offer the following Service

Recruitment and Placement in the Construction Field

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Industrial relations services

Industrial relations services

On artisans the fee structure varies as it is an hourly rate charged and also variant from contract to contract.

IPS falls under the medium category but already the demand is exceeding the supply. IPS services a need in an industry which has been neglected in the current political dispensation with regards to the training of artisans such as welders, boilermakers, electricians etc.

We strive to be a provider of employment and skills to the unemployed. SA Government is taking in consideration of the employment and buildup of all South-Africans via the Skills Development Funds and grants.

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Security Guards

Security Guard Services

IPS have recently registered with PSIRA as a provider for security guards with all categories.

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General & Yard Workers

Labour Workers

Yard Workers will all receive comprehensive training to enable them to provide a professional service. Our Drivers and Yard Workers will all be issued with uniforms to ensure uniformity at all times.

A Contract Supervisor will be appointed to liaise with and provide our Clients with the necessary service and relevant information with regards to Movements, Timesheets, General Queries, In-house Training, Standards and Procedures, etc.

All drivers, as per contract are individually insured. All the drivers, working on our projects are insured as per the project. Their particulars are forwarded to the Insurance Company, and they are immediately insured. This will be discussed in our meeting. Kindly be assured that all drivers working on your sites will be comprehensively insured.

With regard to our hourly rate, we wish to propose the following:

(To be Negotiated) per Hour for a minimum of 4 Hours per driver
This rate will include the monthly insurance per driver

(To be Negotiated) per Hour for a minimum of 4 Hours per driver
This rate will exclude the monthly insurance per driver

Each IPS Flexi-Employee is assigned with a Four Hour Guarantee. This means that should the Client find an IPS Employee assigned to be unsatisfactory for any fair reason; the Client may notify IPS within four hours of commencement of the assignment and request that the assignment be terminated. In this event, no charge will be made for the hours worked, and immediate arrangements will be made for a new assignee.

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Skills Training

Skills Training

Our training is aimed at unemployed as well as currently employed members of the community.  The unemployed will be uplifted and equipped with the necessary information to assist the needy in their community, and possibly opening up opportunities for themselves.  The employed will benefit by being able to provide an additional service to their employer and enhancing themselves with regard to better working opportunities and to possibly benefit financially by their additional knowledge
We are aware that services easily become a commodity product if we are selling on price.  However, when service becomes a focus, it is a competitive advantage that is not easily copied.   Many tasks done by our employees have nothing to do with Client Satisfaction; they are done to satisfy internal demands.  Creating service excellence should be a priority for all our Flexi Employees.

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Cleaners and Cleaning Materials

Cleaners & Cleaning Materials

IPS offers cleaning services to domestic and industrial industries. We offer general cleaning of house and office space, upholstery cleaning services and cleaning of carpets. Please contact us for a price list.

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Fee Structure

IPS does a complete need analysis with our Client and can therefore offer a Client and Service Specific fee structure which in turn is competitive and market related.

The following is taken into careful consideration when negotiating our fee structure with our valued Clients:

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We are a self funded company who has the necessary back up in respect of financial help through Regent Factors (Pty) Ltd who assists our company with the financing of large projects by means of financing monthly operational expenses on a factoring basis and will continue to do so until such time as IPS becomes self-financing.

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Recruitment Options

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Counselling Services

Individual and group counselling can be provided for the following occurrences; Substance-related disorder, Mild-moderate depression, Stress- and anxiety management, Trauma-related problems, Adjustment disorders, Bereavement, Relationship -, Occupational -, acculturation problems, Parental guidance, Childhood problems.

We also offer Social Developmental Programs for companies and their employees. This boosts companies, BEE Scorecard as it focusses on skills development. This service allows employers to carry out initiatives designed to develop the competencies of black employees. Please contact our Registered Counsellor if you would like to book a session or receive more information regarding the Social Development Program.

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